Yesterday was my first time photographing a military homecoming and I absolutely loved the experience.  Jordan is a photographer as well, so it meant alot to me that she trusted me to capture this special time for her even though I hadn’t photographed a homecoming before.

      I waited with Jordan, her son, Josiah, her parents, and other excited families in the hangers at NAS Jax as they anxiously awaited their loved ones returns.  It was such a beautiful thing to be around, so many happy families being reunited and there was so much joy in the air.

      Ben sported a thousand watt smile when Jordan and Josiah greeted him with their handmade signs and Josiah was jumping up and down with excitement.  I have so much respect for families like theirs that put their own happiness on hold and sacrifice so much for our country.  It was an absolute honor to photograph this special event and I hope to have the chance to capture more homecomings in the future.