My name is Lisa Silva and I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer. I work internationally but Ponte Verda Beach, Florida is where I call home.

      I have the most fabulous job and I travel the world chasing light, documenting love, and capturing beauty. People let me into the most intimate moments of their lives to tell their story and it is an absolute honor. My photography takes me around the world and lets me experience new places, people and cultures. I meet the most amazing clients who often become good friends. I am truly blessed!

      I have been a professional photographer for over twelve years, but my love affair with photography started when I was a child, so in a sense I have been a photographer my whole life!

      I received my BFA in Photography at the University of North Florida. During my time there, I got to study under some of the most amazing professors and took classes in everything from 35mm to large format film, alternative processes, creative digital imaging, advanced lighting techniques, classical portraiture, and fashion. I completed several independent studies in fashion photography, which I am heavily inspired by. I really got to fine tune my own personal style, which I consider to be elegant, simplistic, and editorial.

      I started my business while I was still in college and decided to focus on weddings because I love pretty much everything about them!

      My goal is to make beautiful and aesthetically pleasing images that invoke some sort of an emotional response. I am inspired by love and human interaction. When documenting a wedding, I want the people who see my photographs to feel as if they were there. I want my images to tell the story of the day both visually and emotionally.

      The most rewarding part of my job is bringing happiness to people with the images that I take of them. My goal is to provide my clients with beautiful heirlooms that they can cherish for a lifetime. I really do put my whole heart into what I do and it is an amazing feeling.

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